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Best Laptops for Medical Students

The current generation runs on electrical devices. Technology development is very useful to medical students. It has saved the students from spending a lot of time in the libraries. It also helps medical students in accessing a lot of information from the internet. Power is the key feature to consider when buying a medical laptop. An i5 processor consumes little power hence the best to consider. Below are best laptops for medical students.

Acer Aspire e-15

It has a long battery life of 12 hours. It has the llaptop acer i5atest processor with a speed of up to 2.5 GHz. It is easy to carry and has the best features on the market. It has 15.6 Full HD LED-backlit LCD. Its improved storage and processor makes it one of the best laptops in the market. It is advantageous in that it only weighs 5 pounds. Its hide drive support size of up to 8 TB. Its’ colors has 95 % more life than others, which is given by Acer color blast technology. Its disadvantage is that it has an uncomfortable keyboard and also a bit expensive.

Asus Chrome book C202SA-YS02

It helps in avoiding much pressure on eyes due to its anti-glare display. Has a hinge of 180-degree wrapping a long rubber frames that helps in holding the best grip anywhere. Its shape and size make it portable and suitable for classes. It is advantageous in that its’ spare parts are available hence easily repairable and has reasonable prices. It has a battery life of up to 10 hours. Its disadvantage is that it has no CD/DVD Rom and lacks a touchscreen feature.

Hp 14-an013nr Notebook

It has an HD camera that is advanced and helps in capturing anything yonotebook laptopu want. Leaving HP as one of the best laptops would be very unfair. The newest HP notebook is the easiest to carry in a book bag and has 14 inches. It is one of the classroom laptops that are very popular. Its screen resolution is WLED backlit HD and has a touchscreen. Its’ advantageous in that it is easily carried anywhere and its’ windows are the least expensive. Its disadvantage is that it has an inbuilt storage of 32GB and has a battery life of only 4 hours.

Dell Inspiron 15 500

It as remarkable photos captured by a 3D camera. Its high-speed processors enable multitasking, and its touchscreen enables easy access. It has an Intel Core i5 equipped with the 6th generation. Everything a medical student would want is available in this kind of a laptop. It will certainly amaze you. It’s advantageous in that it has loudspeakers, performs fast and has an attractive design. Its disadvantage is that it has a shallow keyboard and has a dim display.…