Environmental Policies

A policy is a deliberate plan of action to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. Policies differ from rules or law. While law can compel or prohibit behaviours (e.g. a law requiring permits for specific actions) policy merely guides actions to achieve a desired outcome.

Environmental policy determines the objectives guiding, and the strategies to be used in order to strengthen the respect for environmental values, taking into account the existing social, cultural and economic situation. The foundation for the Namibian environmental policy framework is Article 95 (l) of the Constitution. It stipulates that the state shall actively promote and maintain the welfare of the people by adopting policies which include the: “maintenance of ecosystems, essential ecological processes and biological diversity of Namibia and utilisation of living natural  resources on a sustainable basis for the benefits of all Namibians…”.

Namibia has a multitude of policies with environmental relevance.

Policies Download

Agricultural Policy Agricultural Policy 2011-01-28 303.3 kB
Community Based Tourism Policy Community Based Tourism Policy 2011-01-28 41.4 kB
Draft Seed Policy 2005 Draft Seed Policy 2005 2011-01-27 324.5 kB
Draft Tourism Policy Draft Tourism Policy 2011-01-28 73.7 kB
Draft Wetlands Policy Draft Wetlands Policy 2011-01-28 312.4 kB
Energy Policy Whitepaper Energy Policy Whitepaper 2011-02-21 317.0 kB
Forestry Policy Forestry Policy 2011-01-28 55.5 kB
Human Wildlife Conflict Policy 2009 Human Wildlife Conflict Policy 2009 2011-01-28 5,228.9 kB
Marine Resources Policy Whitepaper Marine Resources Policy Whitepaper 2012-11-04 2,418.0 kB
Marine Resources Regulations Marine Resources Regulations 2012-11-04 157.3 kB
Minerals Policy Minerals Policy 2011-01-28 189.3 kB
National Drought Policy National Drought Policy 2011-01-28 263.1 kB
National Policy On Biotechnology National Policy On Biotechnology 2012-11-04 1,111.9 kB
Proposed Climate Change Policy Proposed Climate Change Policy 2011-01-28 1,598.3 kB
Water Policy Water Policy 2011-01-28 2,789.1 kB