How to choose movies to watch with your family

If there is one aspect of family that is slowly being eroded, then it is family time. Actually, it is missing from most modern families. A good percentage of household heads or rather parents, reason that they do not have ample time to bond with their children. Some argue that their children seem not to be interested anymore in anything that bonds the family. Well, if you are one of them, have you ever thought of watching a movie together as a family? Without a doubt, an excellent way to bond a family together is by watching wholesome and friendly movies as a family. Kindly note, “as a family unit” not in turns. This tip has worked for ages, and there is no reason why it should not work now. It is fun and a tradition that that has been in place since time immemorial. Adults enjoy it, kids of all ages enjoy it, teenagers enjoy it, and thus there isn’t any reason to doubt that it would work. Besides binding the family together, it provides an ideal opportunity for the family unit to spend quality time together. To ensure that you get the best of movie entertainment here is how to choose movies to watch with your family:

Make it age appropriate

Before buying any movie, always consider whether it is age appropriate for yourfchgvhgvghvghv loved young ones. You will definitely need to choose movies that your entire family can not only enjoy but clearly understand. If your children are far apart in ages, then you can pick different movies that might suit you all Or, you can pick the more juvenile videos to view with your young ones first, and after perhaps they have gone to bed, you can enjoy the one that has adult content in it with your partner. Alternatively, at “intermission,” as a parent, you can retire the younger children to bed, then watch the other video or the part that you have not watched with your older children.

Ensure it is a recent release

Please do not get this wrong or misinterpret it. It is not that the older generation movies are not enjoyable. No, not at all. The point is that the young ones and the teens alike love new generation movies. It is the in thing for now, and there is nothing as a parent you can do about it. Besides, would you love to watch a movie that only entertains you or your entire family? Take note that time has changed since you enjoyed what you considered as a blockbuster fifteen years ago. The fact is that perhaps it might not even entertain your ten-year-old son. There are countless sites online that can update you on recent movie releases. If you really want to watch a recent release visit any of the sites. Most online movies websites allow you to sort various movies by genre and thus can help you find the perfect flick to entertain your family.

It should have a compelling plotline

To be realistic whether you are six or sixty years old, there is nothing like watching a great story. Even those very selective members of the family can get fascinated with a movie that has an exciting storyline, and the discussions that will arise after your family has watched the movie will substantially add up to your movie watching experience.

Why not take a vote?

fgcfcvhgcghghchgAs a parent or an adult in charge, the responsibility of deciding on what to watch squarely lies with you. Once you have narrowed down your movie ideas to at least three or even four choices, you can invite the entire family to take the ballot and decide which film to watch as a family. This makes other members of the family feel as part of the movie selection process. It is advisable to take the vote at least several days before …