About this Web Site

This website is an update of the CD-ROM accompanying the publication on Environmental Law and Policy in Namibia by O.C. Ruppel and K.G. Ruppel-Schlichting. It intends to put together an updated compilation of environmentally relevant documents such as laws, policies, international agreements and selected reports and publications contiuously updated. In combination with the aforementioned publication, which has been fully revised in 2013, this website and the CD-ROM provides a basis for academic, legal and practical considerations of environmental concerns.

Taking the broad field of environmental law as well as the rapidity of developments in this field, the project is work in progress. As such, this compilation is not considered to be comprehensive. The CD-ROM rather intends to serve as a starting point for an ongoing process of collecting legislation and related documents relevant to environmental concerns in Namibia. For that reason, this website has been created and will gradually be updated.


If you have any additional document or recommendation how to improve this web site, please contact the Hanns Seidel Foundation (office@hsf.org.na).

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